Friday, November 9, 2012

Something a little different

Why is it that just as soon as I am ready for bed that an idea hits me and I can't seem to get to sleep unless I get up and try it?  Now if that idea is too complicated, I'll just ignore myself.  Last night's idea was simple (if you discount trying to get rice into a bag at 11 p.m.) so I got up and tried to make something.

The "something" turned out to be a wrist pad.  The pattern was simple and I know I just quickly stuffed it and didn't close it up nicely but then this is more me and the first time so there is plenty of time in order to get better.

It is pictured as how it would be according to the pattern, but I found it nicer to use with the curved area pointing towards me instead of towards the mouse.  The nice thing is that it can go either way as well as it can be heated up in the microwave for those days when your wrist is hurting and you want a some heat on it.

I brought it to work and had a couple of people try it out.  It became apparent that while everybody liked it, their were requests for it to be made a little larger and not filled so full of rice.  THEN one  of the ladies, after I heated it up, put it on her nose since she was having sinus problems today, and LOVED it.  She said to make some longer so that it would cover the eyes also.  The bridge part (curved part) just fit her nose right so it rested on it.  I will try to take my pattern that I had found online (gotta love the freebies)

I also managed to take a snapshot of my work bulletin board which is currently acting as a substitute design wall. If you look closely you can see that my hearts are about half way stitched down.  The eagle, flowers and snowmen are all done.

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