Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A few Days off Work - and nothing

I took some days off work and totally enjoyed it.  Normally that would mean that I would get lots done.  Ummm.  Not this time.  I was soooo lazy.  I don't think I got much accomplished except for around 20 stitches in cross stitch.

I did go to Clinton Iowa on Sunday with my niece in law Jessica.  She gave me a ride to go and meet up with one of my online gaming friends who wished to give me a refurbished computer.  It's something that he did when he worked in the field and when he can he and his wife still do it.  This time they had one that he wanted to give me.  Clinton Iowa was about the half way point between the two of us.  Jess and I decided to make a little bit of an outing.  Here are some of the pictures that I managed to snap as Jess was driving.  It was a beautiful day and I loved to see the different colors in the trees.

Finally we arrived in Clinton and what was the first thing we saw?  This cute adorable advertising which was making us both hungry!

You will see a train theme in these pictures since Larry, my online gaming friend, loves trains and I like them too.  I also love the water and after getting this

We headed back.  I couldn't snap any pictures on the way down but did manage to get some pictures  on the way back (while the car was moving).

I was surprised at how good the pictures turned out when we went across the Mississippi River since the car was still moving.

Then in Morrison Iowa we saw a sign that said there was a covered bridge near by.  We found it!

Nothing glamorous but something else that made the trip a little special.  I was expecting Jess to take me straight home but she had other plans.  There is a railroad park in Rochelle, IL that she likes to take the kids (including her husband) to so she showed me where it was.  Just a little park where the trains go by and you can have picnics at, etc.

I liked the idea that they have a couple of stationary trains there for people to get a close up look at.

I also liked that they turned one of the cars into something that kids can sit in and take pictures on etc.

I also went to see my sister in law Bobbie to see how she is doing.  I can't believe that it has already been three months since Kerm died.  She is doing ok.  Predominantly she is doing well.  I will be going to her place to have Thanksgiving and we had a nice chat about crafts and stuff.  She showed me what she was working on with her cross stitch and I had taken my book on Civil War quilts for her to read as well as my Civil War BOM blocks that I had sewn together.  I had hoped to get the border put on but, of course, I haven't yet.

And that was about ALL I did on vacation (besides meeting friends for lunch) and now I find myself having to go back to work tomorrow.  :)

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