Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekend Projects!

WOO  HOO!   I finished some weekend projects.  Don't get too excited because they are small projects and were mostly done already.  Still I feel like I made progress so before I go take a nap here is what I did today.

First I finished up on my four heart blocks.  They are all squared up and cut to 12 1/2" so I can mail them off next week.  The left top color is a dark red which is hard to show up in pictures but I'm kind of happy how they turned out.

Then I decided I needed a new tote.  Not a fancy one but one that was super basic and not even lined.  This is the result.  The material is a bit like a canvas so it should last. I put a large pocket at the bottom and then decided it needed to be sewn down the middle more so now I have two pockets.  :)  Like I said, it was all last minute stuff and I didn't measure ANYTHING!  I will get some use out of it though.

Then I went and made a little mug rug from some left over fabric from Ghana.  I had a leaf applique that i was wanting to use and then the Ghana fabric jumped out to say use me.  No, really!  Ummm, well maybe not jumped out but I had a stack of material that was by the leaf and it fell over and the Ghana fabric landed on the leaf.  The ONLY fabric that landed on it.  So yeah, it was ALMOST like it jumped out.  :)

If you look closely you'll see my bad stitching (I did it all by hand) but I do like how the veins in the leaf came out.  Its a little hard to see but that means you don't see so many mistakes, right?  Then I had a little bit too much extra room down in the lower right hand side so I quickly added 2015.  

What have you been working on/  i'm going to take a nap now and then work on some more cross stitch.  Have a great evening/day.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What great projects....loving the hearts and your leaf.

esther said...

Love your hearts and the bag is cute too.

Marsha Clark said...

Pretties ! Great Job Sis !