Sunday, October 25, 2015


I had a good time gaming last night with friends and they are taking over being in charge for a bit to give me a break.  That's nice.  I need the mental break of GMing.  That won't make sense to a lot of you but to my gaming friends who read my blog it will.  So what does that really mean?  It means I get some more time to craft!

This weekend I have actually managed to get two projects, small ones, done and planning on a couple more.  What did I get done?

I have had a t-shirt that I loved the saying on it.  I made a mini wall hanging that I can use in the office after Thanksgiving.  It will hang after Thanksgiving until we leave for Christmas break.  It measures around 15 inches and should fit nicely in that little space by my desk.

The backing fabric, which I used to wrap around for the binding, was some free fabric that was given to me.  It has some Christmas ornaments and holly leaves on it.

Then I decided to pull out some other free fabric that was given to me and finally get around to making one of those microwave hot pad/bowls.  I really need to figure out what to call them.  This isn't great but it is functional and my first one and didn't take that long to do.  I tested it in the microwave for 5 minutes and didn't have any problems with it.

This first picture is the back so that you can see the fabric.

And this is what it looks like with a bowl in it.

I kind of like it.

Now the honesty section otherwise known as "notes".

1.  Don't forget to clip corners and maybe even trim the seams so you have less bulk.
2.  Leave a bit more opening for when you flip it inside out.
3.  Make sure you cotton (including your thread).
4.  Write down the dimensions for different sizes before you forget.

I feel productive and that means planning new projects.  That probably should be "planning new UFO's".  I found a great picture of a pumpkin on  It is a coloring page for adults and when I saw it I thought I might want to make a small pumpkin wall hanging with it.  I don't have much time for this year so it would probably have to be done in straight stitches and French Knots but I could so see me doing it in full hand embroidery.  I hope to get it drawn out this weekend yet and perhaps started.

Then Esther Aliu came out with a new pattern which I am thinking of doing.  That probably won't be until the new year but that really isn't that far away.

I'm not sure what colors I'll do .  Not to fond of the ones she used.  I also am not sure if I"ll do the whole thing or just the middle.  I'll start in the middle and figure out if I want to continue after that.

That's about it for my news today.  I hope everybody has a great day.

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