Wednesday, December 30, 2015

African Blues is being worked on!

Whew!  African Blues is finally under the needle but it was a chore.  First of all I had to sandwich and baste it on two card tables (which I had to go and claim back from my neighbor who never returned them from her summer garage sale).  It was too big for it but that was as close as I could get to be able to do it.  It took me FAR too long to sandwich it.  It just would not line up right and first one side was too short then the other side.  First the top was off side and the back was short.  Then the back hung over and the top was too short on one side.  Yeah, perhaps it wasn't the best day to start this.

But finally I got it put together and now it is underneath the needle.

I turned it over , holding my breath while I did so, to see how it looked.  I had mixed feelings when I did so.  I haven't finished  quilting it but I do have the vertical lines in and that when I noticed a couple of problems.  One is that when it is done I will probably have some areas where it might be a little puffier or not "quite right".  I will live with that.  Yep, that's when you know you're ready to give the project away.  You mentally start to distance yourself from it.  This one has pissed me off enough (but I enjoyed doing it) that I can let it go.

The second thing I noticed is that it will pick up all the lint around the place!  I will have to heavily defuzz it.  It is all cotton but it really acts a bit more like a flannel.

Look at all the fuzz flakes (new quilting term)!

I'm done quilting it for today.  Tomorrow  is another day and then I'll figure out how I want to finish quilting it.  

Of course it won't be finished quilting until I run to the store tomorrow and get more thread.  Yes, that is another thing that happened.  Ran out of bobbin thread.  It's black.  Really!  How did I run out of black thread!   LOL.

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