Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Brrr. It's cold inside!

That is today's theme.  It's cold inside!  That is because I sit at work with no heat going through the radiators.  They had to drain the steam vents so yesterday and today is no heat.  Now today it is suppose to be around 42 outside but I can assure you that it is colder inside.  Our pastime this morning is wondering why we came to work.  Don't talk to us about dedication when we do things like this!  I have my sweatshirt on and a double crocheted afghan over my legs.  LOL.  I am glad that I leave it at work for cases when the wind comes through the windows.  The heat is suppose to start back up around noon so we'll see.

I did manage to get one seam sewn before coming to work.  Somewhat pathetic report but it is still progress and progress, I might add, BEFORE caffeine.  I am also testing three blocks for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  Can'ts how you them yet (have to wait until around July) but I am making progress on them.  They are cute.

That's about it for now.  I'll write more and have a picture perhaps when I thaw out a bit.

Stay warm and safe everybody!