Friday, January 27, 2017

Ugh - Part 2

It has been barely a week since I came down with the cold/flu but it seems like 4 weeks!  It is breaking up so I'm feeling a little better but still don't have a lot of energy.

I did manage to spend my income tax anticipation refund loan and got a new monitor for my desktop. and then got a new laptop since my old one is freaking out too much.  I'll take it in to work and let IT look it over and see if it is worth saving.  They do that for free for NIU employees and students.  THEN I realized that I was far behind on printing out things since I had been without a printer for about 2 years.  So while I was waiting for Office Max/Depot to print out some things I looked at their printers.

The funny, to me, thing about printers is that one can find some cheap printers ($40).  I saw around 3 in that price range but from past experience I knew to look at the prices for the ink.  It took two cartridges and the total of those two cartridges came to $60+.  Ummm.  No.  So while I was in
Walmart, I decided to check out their printers.  I found one for $40 and the ink for their two cartridges would come to $30.  So I bought the HP DeskJet 2132.  After taking over an hour to figure out how to operate it, I'm back printing up my patterns for my BOMs.  That caused me to be able to start Pat Sloan's Solstice challenge.

I have two (out of the current 6) blocks done.  It's a small start but it's a start.  I think I'm going to try to have my colors be in blues and whites.  I will have a third color sometime but I'm not sure yet.  Automatically I think red or yellow but I will have to see what the blocks look like and then figure it out from there.  This first picture shows the shade of blue a bit better than the second one.

This second picture shows both the first and second block.  The darker blue in the second block has fish in it.  These came from material that I had left over from a tote bag class that I took last year.

That's all my energy allowed me to do.  It's a start though.

I hope everybody has a great day.

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