Thursday, January 19, 2017


That about explains it all.  It is my turn to catch the cold/crud that seems to be going around.  I stayed home today from work and I will stay home tomorrow also.

It's been a day taking meds and getting up for 5 minutes at a time and then go back to bed.  Tonight is the breaking out in a sweat and then get chilled combo.  Of course this is all in between sneezing.  Thank goodness I laid in some supplies just the other day.  I might have to go out again one day over the weekend to get more kleenex, etc.  I have sprayed Lysol around also so that should hopefully help a bit.

My five minutes are up now so I am headed back to bed.

I will work on something to share in my mind and sometime it will make it to the blog.  LOL.

I hope everybody has a great day and stays healthy.

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