Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge

One of my projects for 2017 is Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge.  I am proud, and relieved, to say that today I caught up!  Wow.   I'm caught up!  That's hard to believe. Of course a new one comes out tomorrow or Monday but I still feel like I was productive.

Here is all seven of them.  I'm not sure which order I'll put them in yet and while predominantly done in shades of blue and white, I am starting to introduce red into it.  There will be 25 blocks.

  And now the individual blocks.  They have been trimmed to 12 1/2".  For the most part I am happy with them.  I will lose some of the points on the HST on a couple when I join them but that's ok.  It's a journey on learning new things.

I also managed to finish up a block from the Splendid Sampler.  I'm so far behind on that but I'm not giving up.

In between working on my Splendid Sampler and the Solstice blocks, I am finally getting to appliqueing down the butterfly blocks.  No pictures yet on those since I might use them for a present.  In the meantime, Have a great evening/day

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Kat Scribner said...

she has in last wed. post. it is a neat layout, not boring