Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Another D'oh Moment

Yes I had another d'oh moment.  Remember when I was talking about the embroidery floss for the Mini Owl cross stitch?  I went to Lotti's Keep, the closest cross stitch shop, which was 15 miles away, and managed to fill in the last of my missing numbers for both the Mini Owl as well as William Morris' The Holy Grail: the left side - arming the Knights.  I had a nice talk with the owner and drove back.  Between what I had gotten in DeKalb and what I had gotten at Lotti's, I had around 40 skeins to wind on bobbins.  Before I would tackle that job, I decided to go out to the kitchen and get something to drink.  As I was passing through the craft room I glanced down and there it was.  There was a plastic container full of bobbins that I had wound earlier and what picture was on the top of that plastic container?  What picture was taped to the inside of the CLEAR plastic container that would tell me what the floss in the container was meant for?  Yep, you guessed it.  It was a picture of the William Morris The Holy Grail.  Clear as day I could see what it was.  Where was it when I was looking for it?  Where was it when I was buying the 40 skeins of floss that I thought I needed?  Yep, It was another D'oh Moment.  Of course it isn't a total waste since I will eventually use the floss but still....

To take my mind off of it (or pretend to take my mind off of it), I did a little more work on the Mini Owl.  Not enough to really make a difference but at least I was able to work on it again.

Then to justify the buying of the embroidery floss, that I didn't need, I pulled out the fabric and started to work on The Holy Grail.  I didn't take a picture yet of that because the first 200 or so stitches are all white.  Somewhat boring to work on and somewhat boring to look at.  As soon as I get some other colors in it, I will take a picture.

I hope you all have a great night/day and even better tomorrow.

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