Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hello, remember me?

I haven't been feeling good lately so haven't done a blog post recently either.  My apologies to all my readers.  It's surprising sometimes how drained you get when you aren't feeling well.  In my case it is a pinched nerve.  I am better but still use a cane to walk with just in case I get wobbly.  Muscle relaxers are fun stuff at times.  :)  

Since I haven't been mobile for any length of time, I haven't done any stitching either.  :(  

I came back to the office today and much to my surprise (and delight), my herbs that are growing in the AeroGarden shot up quickly.  They were planed on 8.7.17 and this is what they look like today.

Chives in the front, Lavender in the middle, and Sage in the back.  I think I will have to cut my chives down soon but that's alright.  I love chives on potatoes so I might do that.

My lunch hour is over with so I must go back to the desk and weed through everything.    I hope everybody has a great day/night.  I will soon be getting back to stitching and when I do, I'll share pictures.

Bye for now.

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Sue Cottle said...

Hey! I remember you! Didn't realise you were having pinched nerve problems too - too wrapped up in my own freaking misery to take much notice of the world (and people) around me. I'm glad to hear you're getting better - hope you get stitchy stuff done - I think I've got to do some unpicking, coz I'm a row short. That's what happens when you're spaced out on freaking painkillers! Big hugz girlfriend - hope work is ok. <3