Friday, February 10, 2012

Lunchtime Fun with the GO!

Had lunch today with my friend Connie and we tried out my new AccuQuilt GO!  Now I know they say it is easy.  I watched the DVD last night.and it LOOKED easy.  Of course I have said that before and it hasn't been.  I am happy to report that it actually IS easy.  So now that we figured out how to do it...Here are the results....

First of all we did not line up the fabric evenly because well...we were too busy looking at all my purchases and trying out things, etc.  Still though Connie and I both agreed that this would be good.  Can't wait for my other Dies to come in now and play with them.

The first one here is Ricky Tim's Arabesque (or however it is spelled) #3.  I had put on heat n bond lite on the back of the fabric last night and will probably turn it into a pillow.  The DVD said to count the paper as a layer and the GO! can do six layers at a time.  I don't think I'd like to try and turn the handle on six layers.  I did two layers of fabric - a total of 4 layers according to GO! and it wasn't too bad though.  I will position those cut outs better and cut the fabric into a 20" pillow following the pattern that came with the die.

Another die that we tried was the critters die.  I just doubled my fabric over and did one pass and this (plus two more critters that didn't make it into the pix) was the results.  These do not have heat n bond or anything on the back.  The GO! does put in a 1/4 inch seam allowance so if I want to I can needle turn these or use heat n bond lite later on.

Of course I had to try the strip cutting also.  These were done using the 2.5" strip die.  Th fabric was folded and sent through in one pass.  I ended up with 24 strips.  If I had put the folded side facing the rollers, I would have longer strips.  These are a good size for right now since I do not know what I'm going to do with them.  I just grabbed fabric on my way out the door this morning (literally) so I would have something to play with at lunch.  LOL.

Overall a nice practice run.

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