Friday, February 3, 2012

Want a free subscription to a GREAT online Quilting Magazine? Read on

I thought that might get your attention.

I was lucky to be chosen to be a pattern tester for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  Like the title implies, it is an online Quilt Pattern Magazine.  You have to pay for a subscription (VERY reasonably priced) but it is well worth it.  Of course I might be a bit biased but that's ok.  This is MY blog so I can be....right?  You can find them by clicking on that cute little pink heart off to the side of my blog.  Yep that's them.

Ok...Ok...I will quit stalling and get to the free subscription part.  Since I was chosen to be a pattern tester and February's issue has the pattern I tested in it....I am giving away a subscription to their magazine.  I am doing this also on two FB groups that I am on but since they are "private" groups I thought why not share the wealth and do it on my blog so others outside the group can enter.

Directions:  Leave me a comment that says you want your name entered in the drawing for a gift subscription to the Quilt Pattern Magazine.  If you have problems posting to the blog (sometimes it acts up) you can send me an email to me at: 

Drawing will be on February 14, 2012 Valentines Day (at noon central time), I will draw a name to see who is the lucky winner.  I thought Valentines Day would be good cut off since I love this magazine.  How simple is that?  Any questions just email me at that gmail addy.

If you go to:

You'll see a picture of the February issue.  It has a cute heart on the front cover as well as a Christmas Baltimore wall hanging.  I got to test three of those block (actually working on more blocks) but you can't see them all at once.  You have to wait for them to appear in the magazine before I can show you.  BUT that means you can see what I did for the February block.  Here it is.

This was an easy block to do.  If you've wanted to do a Baltimore Album then start with this.  The pattern is large enough and this was done with fusible and blanket/buttonhole stitched around it.  There was a cry for simple Baltimore and that was how the design was submitted.  It is simple and will be beautiful by the time you are done.  If you don't like fusible and want to do machine...go ahead....if you want to do needle turn...go ahead.  Any way works.  It's your quilt and you can do how you like.

There is a slight difference in the creams on creams and white and white in the background that is hard to see with my camera.  Sooooo, whatcha waiting for?  If you haven't subscribed go do so.  If you are waiting for a free subscription....well leave your comment. Since this is an online magazine internationals are eligible to enter also.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you win!

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