Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy National Quilting Day

So what are you working on?  I need to do some icky cleaning before I get to do some crafting.  But I did finally manage to get better pictures of the Ghana fabric so here they are and also I received my snowmen back from the snowmen swap I was working on.  Lots of stuff to scroll through today.  Enjoy.

First is the Ghana Fabric.  This first two have the yard stick on them so that my friend Shelley can see how big they are.  When I find a good backing fabric for it I will send it to her to do on her Long Arm.

It was funny to see patterns when I opened up the fabric.  I didn't think that this black and white had a border on it when it was folded up.

This fabric is heavy and I think it might be made into a tote or something. I have never done one of those so might farm that out also...not sure yet.  Another quilting friend of mine said I might be able to use duck cloth of similar weight to work with it.  They call it Holland cloth (according to my boss) but when I did some research, I think the Holland cloth actually refers to Holland dyes are that used in it.

Any idea what to use with this one?  Some of us can see rabbits and other animals in it..  Perhaps I should have put it first since it is St Patrick's Day?  LOL.

Orange and Black.  Not sure what I'll use it for but the design was unusual and I kind of like it
This one I love.  Not sure when it will get cut but it actually is more deep blue than black.
What it looks like folded up and......
what is looks like unfolded!

Kente cloth

Let the snowmen begin!!!!!!  The red scraf one is the one I did.

As you can see, all the snowmen were appliqued but there were a variety of applique methods used.
Another thing that was interesting is that we all managed to use different background fabric and patterns.

Hmmm.  It seems that two Snowmen are shy and hiding.  I will have to look them up and post a picture of them later.

Well I had better get off of the computer and start some cleaning if I want to do crafting today.  I hope everybody has a delightful day.

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Kyra said...

Bonnie - thanks for sharing the photos of your fabrics. That first one from Ghana reminded me strongly of a dashiki that my Dad used to have! What a great memory.

Best, Kyra