Sunday, March 4, 2012

Asian teapot February 2012

This weekend was a mixed weekend.  I did manage to get some of my fabric folded up on the foam boards.  Still have a ton to do especially since I managed to acquire some more the other day.  Funny how that happens isn't it.  :)

I did manage to finish the February 2012 Asian teapot for the BOM.  March should be coming out soon.  The picture is fuzzy so I will try  to get a better picture.  The green fabric has purple in it so I used some purple also.  I managed to take a better picture so here is the second Asian teapot. 

With March it means that another issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine and now I can show another block that I tested for them.  This is the second block in the Wenche's Christmas Baltimore.

That's about it..  It's after 10 pm and I have to work tomorrow.  Catch ya all later.

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Kyra said...

What a cute teapot block!