Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday - Where did the weekend go.

This was one of my busy weekends and little got done for crafting.  I still managed to finish up the mini wall hanging for the bucket list on cyber quilters 4-c.  It was the cathedral windows drawing.  This is a bad picture and if I remember to bring it into work I might replace it.  I really love the red border on it.  It looks and reminds me of the farm buildings I grew up around.  Seemed to work well with the blue denim fabric.  Next Monday I should have more to show since it is my quilting weekend (every other weekend).

That's it for now.  Have to get back to work before bossman comes back tomorrow and I also need to write my progress on losing weight on my other blog page.

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Heather Chaulk said...

That is so cute and creative!!!!