Monday, April 16, 2012

New Shtuff in Mail

I haven't posted in a bit so forgive me.  Life has been hectic and not enough hours in the day.  First of all let me tell you the story of my Brother embroidery machine.  Some of you may remember that I bought this little machine second hand and have some troubles on and off.  It's not one of those big machines and the only size hoop I can use is the four inch one but it is a starter one and I like it..  So the last time it jammed (oh did I do a number on that) my nephew unjammed it and then cleaned it for me before giving it back to me.  I know it worked then because we did a small piece or two while at his house.  He has 3 girls and 2 boys and they were fascinated with watching the machine do the embroidery.  :)  The girls are into Cricket scrapbooking so they were especially interested.  Since it is a Disney authorized one it had Minnie an Mickey also which just added to its charm.

So what's the problem?  I'm getting the insects in the bobbins again so it's jamming.  Insects is what I call all that bunched up thread underneath that keeps your fabric in place etc.  My top thread kept breaking so it could have been a thread problem.  Anyway,, I gave up on trying to do the design I had picked out and then decided to change both bobbin and top threads to see if it was that.  I also decided that (sit down Kat before you read this) I needed to practice FMQ and took some material and just did some on that.  I think that if nothing else, this machine might be able to be used for FMQ.  I didn't do too well when it was "me" moving the fabric around but when I put it on auto (disconnected the foot pedal) it did much better.  That was probably because the speed was more constant?  It's a theory anyway.  When I take my FMQ class next month it might be with this machine.

By now you might want to know what I got in the mail.  I received more patterns!  Yeah I know...Just what we all need, right?  These are Dinah Jefferies patterns (Garden City Gateworks) and will be used in a Baltimore style wall hanging one day..  I really liked the patterns and will try to pick up more when I can.

Here is what i got this time:

The patterns are for the center pieces and not the borders/frames that they are shown with.  If I wanted to I could do those frames also since I have them in another pattern...somewhere.  LOL.

It's going on 11 pm and another work day tomorrow so I'm signing off for the night.  Everybody have a great day/night.

HUGS to all.

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