Thursday, April 5, 2012

New look to blogger and my day so far

Not sure I like the new changes to blogger but I am sure I will get used to them. Last night I sat down at the computer and started to put some of my fabric on boards.  These are foam boards that I got at Dollar Tree for $1 each so that I can cut to whatever size I need.  I know most people would like the same size for everything but I kind just like that they are wound up on the boards and don't care if they are different sizes.  I'm different sizes also (LOL) and it gives me character.  That means that my fabric has character also right?

Here is what I did last night while catching up with some of my shows on Hulu.  They aren't going to stay in this tub but it was the drawer that I pulled out to work on.  It was stuffed full of fabric now the fabric is a bit more organized.  Eventually I will sort it and put the tiniest pieces in a draw by themselves while the other pieces will be organized....some way.  :)

I have plenty more to do so just a little bit at a time.  Perhaps tonight I will do some more after I search for some patterns.

I took a walk the last half of lunch period and snapped some pictures by the lagoon.  I love that little area of water by work.  Being landlocked in the middle of corn country means not a lot of water around unless I travel a bit.  This I can walk to.  Besides it's fun keeping track of the ducks and geese who are NOT afraid of cars or anything.  They know we all stop for them when they cross the road.

Ready to go on my walk with me?  Here are the pictures that I took on the path that I walked.

Hoped you enjoy my walk with me.  Stay tuned for more updates as the days go by since I am taking a walking challenge starting next week.  The challenge isn't hard...just walk 30 minutes a day.  That is hard for me because I have so much stuff that I do inside that it is hard to get outside for me.  Perhaps one day I might take an indoor walk for 30 minutes and snap pictures of that also.

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