Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Green Hexies

Finished getting my green hexies ready to lay out for the March block of the Hexie BOM.  I might try to lay them out tomorrow at lunch when I see Connie.  I started to sew my red hexies together for the February one but tomorrow I also have to unstitch part of them.  I put it at the wrong angle but that is an easy fix.

Aren't these great Greens?  Thanks to Rose at Custom Quilt Kits.  This time she gave me postboard templates instead of the plastic so I could see which I like better.  I'm not sure which I like better although the plastic would last longer.

I'd better get ready for work tomorrow so I'll write more tomorrow.   Everybody have a good night/day.

1 comment:

esther said...

Love the greens!!! Your work is great!!