Sunday, March 23, 2014

A little bit of everything

Or.....  How Bonni's mind can't seem to focus on just one thing today.

Where to start?  Sewing machines.  A friend of mine died recently and his brother finished up giving things to his daughter.  His daughter didn't want his sewing machine (Gasp!) so he kept them thinking he would sell them or use them.  One is a portable generic sewing machine but the other is wonderful.  It's a Singer from 1947 and he has the cabinet for it, the manual and other things.  Here are some pictures.

Isn't that a beaut!  It still runs so he will have to try it out.  He thinks it only does the straight stitch but as we all know that goes a long way.

So after chatting with him about that I decided to look at my magazines and this is one that I just bought today.  Don't know if any of you have seen it but it seemed to have some patterns that I will eventually make.  I looked through it while at Barnes and Nobles where I also bought a boo called The History of Vikings.  :)

But of course before I get too involved in that, I picked up some yarn and am in the middle of crocheting some pot holders for my friend Janine.  Her kitchen colors are red and black.  I'll show you more after it gets closer to being finished.  I haven't done two colors on pot holders before so wish me luck.

How was your day?

PS:  Since you're wishing me luck, throw it in for tomorrow too since it is weigh in day.  LOL.

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esther said...

Great Sewing Machine !!