Sunday, March 9, 2014

ouch x 2

I adjusted my easy chair and positioned my footstool "just so" and gathered up my stitching.  Yes I had a Saturday where I didn't have anything planned except to make spaghetti and stitch.  Everything was going well until around 8 p.m.

That was when the needle slipped and went underneath my fingernail.  Ouch!  I took a small break until the bleeding stopped.  Of course I had made a goal for myself and I needed to stay on course.  I was stitching a test pattern and wanted to get it done mostly done this weekend since I knew I was going to be busy next Saturday.  So back to stitching I went.  8:15 the second slip of the needle occurred and this time some blood dripped down on the fabric.  Just a couple of little drops which I quickly cleaned up but it told me that I needed to stop for the night.

This morning I looked at my finger since it was still sore and I think that I scraped my finger maybe a little more than I thought I had.

I know it doesn't look like much but boy is it tender this morning.  Will it stop me from stitching?  Of course not.  I need to finish the test pattern and stay on schedule.  I will take breaks though today.  I have a new tea pot that was made for me.  Eventually I plan on getting a soup bowl and/or plate to go with it.  It was made by Shalom Dunn in Arkansas.

I love those colors.  They arrived safely all packed up in what appeared to be TONS of bubble wrap via Fed Ex.  :)

Hmmmm.  Now to figure out which type of tea I will make first.  Decisions...Decisions...