Saturday, January 17, 2015

Extended Weekend clean up and quilting

Welcome to my extended weekend.  I wanted to start quilting but as usual I have to clean up before I can start to be messy again.  Last night I decided that I was going to stack up thins on my couch so that I can go through them later and slowly put them away.  It worked out pretty good.

Now I have a chair to sit on and notice my other chair is for when I'm lazy and prop up my feet while I stitch.

I did that last night so this morning I got out the vacuum cleaner and did a quick swipe around.  I should have known not to do that yet.  Bolstered by my success last night I went to the next room and started to clean it.  THAT will take more than one day because that is the room I keep my fabric and stuff in.  But where do I put it in order to clean it and semi organize before putting back?  Yep, you guessed it.  I put it on the bed or couch in the room I just cleaned.  It didn't go too bad at first.  I separated out my fat quarters from my yardage from my scraps and put them on the bed. n These were just the fabrics that were "laying around" and not already in a bin or something.

THEN I started to come across my stash of UFO's.  Oh dear.  THEY needed to be a bit more organized so that took awhile.

I went to Dollar Tree and picked up some of their large bags.  For three bags for $1 I can't beat it.  They even have extra large bags which you get two in a box for $1.  I like to keep my UFO's in them because then my BOMs are all in one place or I can match up certain fabric for a special project and keep it with the pattern so I don't use it before hand.  I think I counted around a dozen UFOs there.  It would have been more but I gave some UFO blocks to a friend so she can have something to work on while going to doctors etc.

The next portion of the sewing area had some things that needed to be shredded so I brought out my shredded and took a break to do that.  Oops.  I had forgotten that it makes a mess when I empty it into the garbage bag.  Notice I said that "it" makes a mess and not "Bonni" makes a mess.

I still haven't stitched down anything but I am still happy with the progress that has been made.  I will put away the fabric on the bed before I go to bed to sleep so that will also get done tonight.

Tomorrow will be back to cleaning the room again and perhaps, if I'm lucky, I will also get to stitch something.  I feel brave today because I took down my winterizing stuff for my window.  It warmed up today and even though I know it will get cold again, it was nice to have the window clear and I could look out it.  Hopefully it won't get REALLY cold for the rest of the winter.

I hope everybody is having a good day.  Here are some simple rules (that aren't always easy to keep) that might help you be happy or have a good day.

Everybody have a great day.  Tomorrow I might be organized enough to post about a new BOM that I will be doing (or attempting to do).  It reminds me of Grandma Chamberlain's Blue Willow plates that she used to always use.

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I'm proud of you......when your finish come over and do mine....giggle.