Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3, 2015

See?  I typed 2015 on the first try today.  I must be getting used to it by now.  LOL.  How is everybody doing?  My day has been predominantly good.  I have a new friend (online) who is just starting out in quilting and I found she doesn't have a stash.  REALLY?  I didn't think that was possible.  So I'm going to be sending her some fabric so she can continue to make quilts for families who have lost their parents or children.  That will help me clean up some of MY stash that I'm not using as well as (cross fingers) help me get a bit more organized.  I think that I might send her some lap quilts that I have that mom had been using also.  I have so much from mom that I don't need to keep everything.  While going through her things I found this on her bed and snatched it (grins).

It's mom.  The pink flowers and the pink and white squares.  I know she didn't do them but it is still her.  I've found that it is quite warm and like it across my knees when I'm typing on the computer.  My computer sits in front of my window.  Even though I have plastic over the window for winter, it still gets cold.

 Today's positive/thoughtful thought for the day came from somebody who posted this in a facebook group I'm on.  Let us remember that we don't always have the answer or our answer isn't the only one available.  Quilting is a good example.  How many ways are there to do applique in quilting?  They all are right.  How many ways are there to cook something?  How many ways can you think to get from one city to another one?

So let's respect what other people say and think and don't dismiss it just because we didn't say it.  I believe by doing that new ways of thinking (perhaps even better ways) will open up to us and perhaps introduce us to future friends.

Another thing that I thought I'd share is this picture.

A friend of mine put it on her facebook page and I immediately fell in love with it.  Wouldn't that make a delightful wall hanging?  I might try to do it for next year.

What do you think?  Now I'm off to rest my eyes from the computer for a little bit.

Have a great day.

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Sue Cottle said...

Gold star for Bon! I've been writing 2015 all of last year (on Electrical Safety Stickers, that have to have 'today's' date, and next years date). My challenge will be to write 2016!!!

Oh how I wish your new quilting buddy was in NZ! I so want to get rid of my stash, but it would cost a fortune to mail it to her!

Love the crocheted blanket - I have a couple like that, that my nana made when I was a child - they're very special, and lovely to snuggle under in winter. Years ago I back them with flannelete fabrics (one with pixies!) to strengthen them, and make them warmer.