Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Making progress

I should have finished this table runner  awhile ago but I'm afraid of messing it up. With that in mind, I am only working on it a little bit at a time.  Tonight was to cut out the pieces and lay it out for an idea of how it will look.

That will give you an idea.  It will have around a 2" red border and the binding will be in black.  It's called Well Wishers from The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I think that I'm going to use a French knot for the eyes.  The person who I'm making it for said that they would like to see a white eye.  According to the legend of the Ravens the white eyes reflect light of the sun.

What do you think?


Sue Cottle said...

White french knot. Definitely. Go on - be brave - go for it!


Bonni said...

I am planning on doing that. That's down the road. Tonight I plan on cutting out the background. I just laid these out on the white to get an idea. Then perhaps fuse the pieces on so I can start to sew them. I might just fuse on the ravens first and sew them (hand sewn blanket stitch) and THEN fuse on the leaves and branches. I think it would be easier to stitch that way and the smaller pieces wouldn't be as likely to fall off.

esther said...