Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What I am working on next

I saw this cute heart applique pattern from the other day and thought I might make some heart blocks.  Instead of them all being one color they will be different colors and the inside swirl will alternate between left and right.  I will admit that makes it easier for me in case I am not paying attention when  draw it out on the fusible web.  So far the colors I have chosen are:

I'm not sure what colors to do next but I will probably be putting them on a white on white background so that will leave me with a lot of choices.  I'm even wondering how it will look if I use a polka dot or something.  Just felt like doing something a little different.  I will trim up the hearts a little bit more.  Make a corner curve a little bit better, etc.

I am also thinking o doing a small mug rug with a leaf for the center pattern.  These are quick and easy to do.  This one will be especially easy since it will take up most of the mug rug.

I think that all the quilting it would need to be done in order to keep your sandwich together would be to do the veins in it and just a quick stitch outlining it on the outside.  That leaf is about 6" from stem to leaf tip so it should be about the right size.

This is my gaming weekend so I'm not sure how much I'll get done before the weekend comes up.  Then I can devote more time to it.  After all check out my polar bear count down til Christmas!  The time will go fast.  :)

I hope everybody has a great evening/day and remember what the Bunny says:


esther said...

Love your hearts!!

Marsha Clark said...

Pretty !
Enjoy your weekend Sis <3

Bonni said...

Thanks Marsha and Esther! I wasn't sure I would like working on different colored hearts but it is pretty good. They are bright and it is keeping work guessing what color I will bring in next. hehe