Sunday, December 18, 2016

Winter is here!

I was going to post up a lot of pictures for you today of everything that I had accomplished.   Hmmm.  There is a problem with that.  I haven't gotten a lot done lately because it is so cold and my car isn't starting.  Excuses Bonni.  That is what it is.  :)   The other reason why you won't get a lot of pictures this time is because my monitor on my desktop computer went out.  Everything was on that hard drive but without the monitor I can't see it or figure out where it is.  LOL.  So I'm on my laptop which doesn't have everything recent.  I will post more tomorrow because I think I have some of the pictures on Facebook and the work computer.  In the meantime.....

This is how far I've gotten on my NOEL redwork.  It's getting down to the last scroll work.

Since it is Christmas soon let me just finish this post with some of my favorite winter pictures.

Niters everybody!

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Kat Scribner said...

Doesn't the redwork go so quickly, it leaves you thinking what can I stitch on next. Love the puppy too. I'll take two please.