Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3 rows done...almost

I'm making progress on a lot of things.  I finished my test pattern before the deadline (pictures only after it is published), I finished a perpetual calendar from The Quilt Pattern Magazine bonus pattern a number of years ago, and I am working on my SAS,

So here is my calendar which will be in put in my office on Friday.  It doesn't have dates or anything but I know which month is which.  :)

I hand appliqued it and used buttons on a couple of blocks (May and June).  May made it hard to quilt because of the large button in the middle.

I am quite proud that I'm still plugging away at my SAS.  I would say I'm 1/3 of the way done on the unit rows but I mis sewed one of the units and will need to redo it.  :)

It is time for me to stop for the night.  It's been nice to get some things done.  I have taken a couple of days off work (even if I did have to go back in each day for a little bit) and it's been nice just relaxing.

I will leave you now but how about a cute picture before I go?

Until next time, have a great day/night.

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