Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WOO HOO --- It Worked!

Yes it is a Woo Hoo moment for me at lunch today.  My friend Connie came over to my office and helped me hang up the two wall hangings in my office.  The picture I showed you a couple of days ago were temporary but now they are hanging up right.  See my March 27, 2017 post for the picture.

This time they are hung up by using a new method for me.  They are hanging up by using.....

Yep, that's right.  I saw this on Crafty Gemini's show one day.  Super simple.  Just take some card stock.  Cut out a square or rectangle large enough to attach your Command hook to and glue it to the back of your quilt.  I used Elmer's Washable school glue so that when I take it down I can just wash it out of the quilt, etc.

I decided not to go with the "hooks" but instead went with the velcro.  It lays flatter and I think I should be able to carefully take it down and swap out with something else.  The velcro part looks like plastic but I'm sure it probably isn't.  They "snap" together to hold.  I picked up the 3 pack (3 pairs) for under $5 and the medium weight holds up to 9 pounds.  They have others which hold heavier objects so if needed, I can get them.

Has anybody else hung up their works with these?

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