Saturday, April 1, 2017

Paint Chip Challenge Finish!

I finished doing my small wall hanging for the Paint Chip Challenge.  My colors were purples and greens.  To remind you, here are my paint chips and my unstitched pattern I had chosen.

It is now all finished.  Kat, you and others liked the vase fabric so here is a picture of the finished product as well as a larger picture of the vase fabric.  I love that fabric.  It is so summery.  :)

The colors are much brighter in person than they are shown here.  I will have to get some more of it if I can.  There is a rumor that our Hobby Lobby will be closing but I hope that it isn't true.  We need one store in town where we can get fabric besides Walmart.

I hope everybody has a good day and remember to smile and laugh.  It is good for the body.


esther said...

Love it Bonni . Great job.

Marsha Clark said...

Pretty ! You are fast. :)