Saturday, April 22, 2017

One block at a time...

That's what I try to tell myself.  Just do one block at a time and eventually they will get done.  Of course it is totally possibly that if they don't get done I will forget why I was doing them anyway and in that case I'll just throw them all together and create another new project!  Hmmm.  That might be a good thing to do with my Hexies that I have cut out but not stitched.  I need to finish the red hexies and turn that into a wall hanging and then the rest will just be a totally different layout.  That should be interesting.

I did get one block done today.  That is one of the Solstice blocks that I am behind.  With this one getting done, I am current until Wednesday when another block will come out.  Here is my Solstice block.

I also made another needle minder (yes they are addictive) but haven't taken the picture yet.  I will show that perhaps tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will also be making a couple of recipes.  One will be goulash.  Haven't made that in years.  Another one I will make is a new version of sloppy joes.  It only has around 3 ingredients and I' curious to see how it will taste.  No comment yet on the ingredients until I see how it tastes.  I promise I will let you know if it is good or not.  I also might make a berry cordial.  My recipe calls for Black Currents but I'm not sure I can get them around here.  There is a controversy over them.  If I can't get them, then I will change up the cordial to a Blackberry Cordial.

I picked up a new magazine, one of those specialty ones, and I must say that I'm finding a lot of interesting recipes in it.  It is called "from Garden to Plate" from the Editors of Country Gardens.  I'll talk about that magazine more in the future.  In the meantime everybody have a great day/night and remember to breathe!

Breathing is a great stress reliever and it will cause you to pause and rethink or slow down.  All good things.  So until tomorrow when I write more...Just Breathe.  Take a step back and Breathe.

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