Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter everybody!

I will be going to my sister in law's in a couple of hours but wanted to post before I leave.  I hope everybody  is going to have a wonderful day and take it easy.  It is a day for positivity and rejoicing no matter how bad a day you have.

My day has started out well.  I managed to get another block done in the Solstice Challenge.  Now I am only behind one block.  I should be able to get that done before the next block comes out on Wednesday.  Here is the block that I did.

I also made a few more needle catchers and will take one of the filigree looking ones with me to give to Bobbie as a hostess gift.  I think I will slip it inside of her Easter Card.

The enameled ones are the pins that I have bought over the years at the International Quilt Shows.  I took off the backs and turned the pins into needle minders.  I will see them much better this way.  I have a couple more of the pins to do plus one or two from work.

That's it for my report today.   Remember to Enjoy the Day.

Go and get away from the computer and Enjoy!

Bye for now.  

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