Friday, April 14, 2017

And now....

It's time to post some more pictures from the quilt show.  I'm almost done with those...really I am.

Oh before I forget.  Sue you should have an forwarded email from me.  I forwarded the HAED newsletter that I received.  I look forward to seeing what you might pick out.  There is so many great charts there.

Now where was I?  Oh yes.  more pictures.

I so want to be at that place right now.

Lace and velvet...always a great combination

And no Janine, I'm not making this for you.

It would be happily ever after if I had this quilt.  :)

I have to remember to think outside of the lines with vines.

Another place I'd like to be.

That's it for today sharing.  Today is a payday and time for me to go get some bills paid and hunt down the last of the thread so I can start on my owl.

Have a great day and for those who celebrate it, have a great Easter.

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