Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I was a bad girl.....

But it felt sooooo good.

Most of you know that those words mean I went and bought something that I wasn't suppose to.  You'd be RIGHT!  This time, however, it would be cross stitch and not quilting.  I opened up an email from Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) and saw they had 35% patterns.  I have a wishlist with them so it just seemed right that I go and buy 4 of the patterns before they were no longer offered.  

And to answer Sue's question before she asks it, I haven't forgotten my other cross stitch patterns that I plan on doing.  I just can't find them right now.  There are in the house some place.  :)

These are my newest collections for that is really what I think I am doing.  I am collecting.  By the time I get to work on them I might be in my 90s and wear 5 different types of magnifiers to see the pattern.  That's ok.  These, especially the map, are worth it.

Wish me luck in doing them.

1 comment:

Sue Cottle said...

SHINY!!!! These are just beautiful! You'll have to stop reading my mind :)
Was it all their patterns that have 35% off? Why didn't I get an email???
Yes, the vase of Hydrangea's is still a work in progress - life has got in the way at the moment!