Saturday, April 8, 2017

More Pictures from the International Quilt Show

Its' almost midnight and since I will be busy tomorrow I thought to get a head start on posting more pictures from the International Quilt Show.  Let me start today's pictures by finishing up on the Fly Me To The Moon section.  They really are great little wall hangings.

There were a lot f variety of quilts and needless to say they were all beautiful.  One of the most beautiful ones was the opening quilt that you saw as soon as you walked in.

Talk about impact!  You walk into the building, down the steps  and BAM!  There is a 25 foot wide photofiber Landscape.  Even up close you couldn't tell it wasn't a painting.

Of course always popular are the floral and landscape quilts.  These pictures don't do them justice but I hope you will still love looking at them.

I should stop now before I post so many pictures it will clog down the emails.  :)  I hope you have enjoyed the flowers and landscape pictures.  I'm sure there are more hidden in my picture file but for now that should be it.

I will leave you with this last thought:

Have a great day!