Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April Showers

April showers might bring May flowers but the International Quilt Festival didn't wait until May to exhibit quilts with flowers in them.  I have already shown you some of the quilts but here are some more.  They are all so beautiful in person and while I might not want to make them, I can certainly appreciate the effort and skill that went into them.

This one also goes under the category of....it makes me smile

A more traditional quilt

It's just looking for that puff of wind to send it on it's way

A traditional quilt (love it!)

There also quilts that just take my breath away while I shake my head and think "no way I'm going to do that".

But there is one I saw that I was thinking I could make a version of it.  I haven't mastered (or even gotten close) to needle turn applique but my fusible/blanket stitch applique is pretty good.  I could do this quilt using the fusible.

That will be on my to do list I think.

Time for me to end here although I have more quilts to show.  I hope everybody has a great day.

Here is your cute picture for the day.  I hope it makes you smile.

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