Thursday, November 16, 2017

Progress and goodies in the mail

What a hectic day.  It has been so busy that I forgot to post some things.  This is a quick post to catch up.

I had some goodies come to me this week.  For one thing, a new quilting ruler/template came.  The simple 7/8th ruler.  I saw a demonstration of this on YouTube and it convinced me to get it.

I also ordered a mini cone of the black/brown DMC floss since I had decided to use three strands in my Mini Owl HAED. 

I also discovered that I use that color in one of my applique blocks.  This will be a good addition to my DMC cone thread.

I am also working on my Gnome and Critters Christmas.  It doesn't look like much yet since it is the background more.  As you can see by the picture, I will soon be getting into some colors.  Can's wait for that.  I have some days off coming up so hopefully I can make progress on it and the other projects.

I need to get to bed so everybody have a great night/day.

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