Saturday, February 2, 2019

It's February!!

Welcome to February!  Of course it isn't as all heart warming as one might think but it is still better than January.  January, in DeKalb, Illinois, was wind chills of -53 but February started out in all positive numbers.

Since it is February, it also means that I got to pick out which UFO I would be working on.  I am so happy that it is a bright and fun UFO.  It is the Dinosaur quilt/wall hanging.  This is from FatCatPatterns,com and has two different dinosaurs patterns. 

There is a small black eye that will be put on before it is assembled.  I was debating about using some small black buttons but think I will either embroider the eyes on or fuse on a small circle.  That way if somebody wanted to use it as a small quilt instead of a wall hanging they can.

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