Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Another day at the office.

The problem with not taking classes anymore is that I have time to do my crafts.  I LOVE to do my crafts - even if I am not very good at it.  NOW I don't want to work though.  I would more than happy to be able to spend more time at home working on my crafts.  Is that bad?  Perhaps since I still have 8-10 years to go before I can retire.

Yesterday was the football play off games.  Even though the team I wanted to win didn't, it was enjoyable to watch since Dan was on the phone with me and we chatted during them.  I heard him and his roommate talking about different plays, etc.  It was fun.  Sort of the online version of my old football group that would get together to watch Monday Night Football.

In between comments, etc. I managed to get more work done on Dee's quilt.  Still a long way to go but it is progressing.

This is how the block should look if I put all the leaves in it.  I'm not sure I want that many leaves though.

I also did a quick tutorial for Shawn so she could see an easy way to do the half square triangles.  She said she liked it so hopefully it will help to expand her "block" library.  I will be sending your some "free patterns" that I got today.  Two of them are nothing but the squares and half square triangles so she could practice on those.

Today is a foggy day and we are expecting "drizzling rain" for this morning as well as tomorrow morning.  Hope the weather is good for Thursday.

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