Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Sewing!

Saturday has already come and gone but I want it to stay!!!!  I had my class in Quilt as You Go  and totally enjoyed it.  The  quilt shop where it was held at is small but the ladies are nice and the group in the class was talkative and great.  Thanks Connie for my Christmas present.  Perhaps we can take another class together and this time I will pay for YOUR Christmas present.  Although it has to be by paydays since I get too tempted to buy those batiks!

I'll write more later and perhaps do a tutorial on the method but for now here is a pix of the pattern.  It is too large for me to display right at home but next week I'll take the finished product to work and snap a picture where I can have somebody hold it up.

That is two rows sewn together.  I am doing a crib sized quilt so it will be about six rows when done.

Here is a close up.  I was given the backing (which is also the binding and sashings) so looked for fabric that would work with it.  I think it turned out ok for a first attempt.

Time to run to the nursing home for breakfast with mom.  We'll see if she can eat more today.  I should say IF she will eat more today.  She can but she doesn't like to since she has to be in the brace whenever she is out of bed.

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