Monday, November 28, 2011

Where to start

I am so tired today.  It was a long weekend and I broke my brothers new TV that he didn't even know he had yet.  How's THAT for talent.  It's a good thing he is getting it from a rent to own because they will be picking it up today to send out to fix.

I finished the weekend with too little sleep because I overate and spent my energy sorting out my fabric stash and trying to get stuff organized.  Gave up on the organization part but things ARE put away so when I *do* try to organize again in December I can get a little head start.

Had a headache all day which wasn't fun but managed to get through it.  Took a nap when I got home and that helped a little bit.  I did perk up when I got some pillowcases in the mail for a swap.  They are in purples, pinks and teal.  I would have posted a picture here but when I put in my flash drive I found out that I have lost everything on the drive.  It is non functional now.  It wasn't full but it had a good amount of my quilting stuff on it.  I think I can recover everything but it is getting to be a pain to have to recreate it.

Now time to write on the other blog for a bit.

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