Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a wonderfuly Morning....until....

Wow, where do I start in the "catching up" process?  I don't think I really can so let me just 'start'.

Going to the movie theatre to see the Gala re-opening of the Bolshoi was WONDERFUL!  It was well worth the $20.  I didn't think it was going to be that expensive but it was worth it.  What we thought was going to only take 1.45 hours turned out to be around 3 hours.  They had a documentary before it that was in Russian but subtitled in English.  It was really fascinating.  It showed what had to be done to restore it and all the changes that had been done to it over the years.  It also shows how they had to "wrap" the building up before restoration could be done because it was in such bad condition it would have fallen apart if they hadn't.  After all of that they showed the workers doing their stuff and there was so much gold leaf used in restoring the Bolshoi.  It was also a nice touch at the end when they showed the workers and gave them credit.

The first act of the Gala re-opening was a construction scene which was another nice tribute to all the hard work that had been put into it.  It was absolutely gorgeous and I can no way describe it adequately.  Then they showed short scenes from their seasons play list.  Well worth it but I am repeating myself aren't I.  LOL.

After I got out of the theatre, I had a text message saying that Tony had gone back into the hospital.  Most of you know that already.  He is out again and back at the Nursing Home/Rehab Center.  He goes to the doctor again on Friday to see how his infection on his leg (where they would take the graft from) is doing.  So things are still up in the air but what gets me through the day is my friends, work and quilting.

Yes work.  I love my work and my boss.  It's not every boss who is on the road for over 250 days of the year and just says "take whatever time off you need".  Family is...well family...but love every one of them...even when they drive me crazy...perhaps even more then.

Quilting is what relaxes me....most of the time.  The process of getting things prepared and set up to do the piecing (yuck) or applique (YAY) is probably the most aggravating part for me.  Now I have to look for patterns to get ready for Christmas.  I can't believe it is November and I have to have three presents ready by Mid December.  I should have planned ahead to make a full size quilt instead of a crib size in my Quilting as You Go Class this Saturday.  Can't believe that is already here also.  It will be interesting.  My first quilting class.  I'm sure that Connie is already ready to throw the phone at me for asking so many questions.  This is my Christmas present from her...hmmm.  now what am I going to give HER?  Sigh.  (grins).

I have been buying some of the charm packs (that is precut 5x5 squares for you non quilters) from Missouri Star Quilt Co. daily deal when they offer them.  Even with shipping and handling that is 40 precut 5x5 squares under $10.  I don't buy it otherwise.  I can use that for some quick scrappy quilts if nothing else. 

Well this isn't getting the other blog set up.  I'm going to start another blog about my eating healthier journey. That way all my information will be in one place.   I'll post a link when I get it start in case any of you want to add to it with comments, recipies, and/or advise.  Until then....

Keep crafting and have a wonderful day/night.

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