Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mug Rugs

I recently joined in on a mug rug swap and finally mailed them out to my partner today.  Everybody had the same design but could chose their own fabric.  This is how mine turned out.  Can't wait to see what I'll be in return.

They actually turned out cuter than I thought they would.  I had to redo the birdhouse because I was off on my measurements.  That's ok though.  I will use that as a coaster.  I'm always looking for coasters so I have a steady supply of them at the office and in each room of my apartment.  That way it doesn't matter if I'm at my sewing machine, at the computer or even at my desk in the office, I will have something to put my drink glass on (not to mention my pins and needles to stick into them also).

I also recently bought some five inch squares of Stonehenge fabric.  I'm not sure if I bought it because I love that fabric line or I just love the name of "stone chips" that they called it.  It was a win win situation with me on it.  Of course it doesn't count towards purchasing new fabric because it's only five inches.  Right?  (grins)

That's it for now.  Break time is over at the office and I have more letters to get out.