Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter - picture day

Happy Easter everybody.  It's been a busy day but I'm sure that it was for everybody.  Mine started out with having breakfast with mom.  She's 92 but still looking good (I think).

See that little chick?  It has a ball inside of it that lights up when you hit it against something, causing the chick to flash up in lights.  She was having fun with that.  She finally figured out that she needed to hold the chick's feet together and whack the table.  She giggled every time it lit up.

After seeing mom, I stopped by Jay's (My nephew and his family of wife and five children).  Here are some pictures that I snapped there.

That last picture is Wisconsin, the turtle.  He has some new gravel and a water fall so had to take a picture of him too.  :)

I managed to stay at home for a little bit and finished getting a couple of blocks done which has to be mailed to Canada tomorrow.  Can't show the picture yet but will later.

Then it was off to my brothers - Kerm.  Bobbie, his wife, always has a pretty tablescape and this year was no exception.

Had a great meal of Leg of Lamb, roasted potatoes (various kinds), carrots with ginger and spices, corn, asparagus and it started out with a great salad.  Dessert was light which was nice.  She had fresh fruit (cantaloupe and strawberries) and coconut cupcakes.

I'm tired and it's 9:32 now.  Think I'll turn in since I only work half a day tomorrow.  

Everybody have a great day.

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