Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013 - an uninspiring day

Have you had those days where your enthusiasm or motivation for working on things is zero?  That's me today.  I have projects to do, don't we all?, but I just don't feel like working on them.  I did, however, take time out to stop on the way in to work to snap a picture from my phone on the flooded park near where I live.

Can you see the park bench and the picnic table? 

It was too cold to stay out in the wind and cold any longer so you get to see my dashboard of the car and windshield wipers in the above pix.  The water had receded back far enough so the road was free at least.  The rains/snow is suppose to stop by Saturday.

That poor little Frisbee golf thingy out thee all by itself surrounded by water and trees.
 What do they call the Frisbee golf thing that catches the Frisbee's?  Anyway, there have them in the park and as you can imagine, they are NOT suppose to be in the middle of the lake/river.

This bus had stopped and put on their flashers so that the driver could get out and look at the scene also.

Well that's about it.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Now back to work I go.

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