Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paper Piecing Squares from Missouri Quilt Company

First of all, let me say that I don't work or are affiliated with Missouri Quilt Company.  I am, however, a happy customer of theirs.  In my latest order, I ordered the 10" paper piecing squares and I tried it out tonight.  I watch their youtube videos all the time and this product was demonstrated on it.

I, of course, forgot to watch the vid before I did my test block but it was ok anyway.  I didn't have a particular plan in mind and I didn't glue the first strip down like the vid did.  Yes, I used a too short piece in one section but I can always cut it down smaller.

This is what you get.  It comes in a package of 250 sheets and it only cost $9.95.  Of course that price could change so don't take it as set in stone.  So if you are interested go visit their website:

They process the orders quickly also.

Here are my strips that I sewed on.  Yes, one of the strips is a little short but I can cover that up by just cutting the 10" block down to 9" or 8".  It is enough to make a potholder or mug rug, etc.  

You keep the back on while you sew.  The thread and needle went through the paper very easily.  I was very lazy and didn't even iron my strips.  Like I said this is just a test piece anyway.  Here is what the back looks like.  Before I trim it.

It was very easy to trim because you just follow the outline of the 10" paper piece.  Just line it up with your ruler or whatever and soon you have a neat square of stripped fabric, etc.  Hopefully you will make yours trips long enough so it's all covered up.  LOL.

Try it out sometime.  I was impressed with how well my machine liked sewing through it and it did go very fast.

When all done you still have to take off the paper but it VERY easily came off.  I'm leaving some of it on because I am going to show my friend Connie tomorrow at lunch so she can determine for herself.

What else have I been up to?  I took a picture of the four blocks that I've done for The Quilt Pattern Magazine's Mini-BOM.  I'm going to submit it for this month's bucket list (giggles).  April's bucket list is drawing was embellishments.  I embellished a couple of the eggs.  At least I will have something done this month in case I don't get to it otherwise.  

I need to try and find my pictures of some crazy quilt blocks that I received one time. THAT was embellished.  LOL.

That's it for now.  Time to work on a couple of other projects.  Until next time have a great day.

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