Sunday, April 6, 2014

What was done this weekend

I can't believe that I accomplished so much this weekend.  It was both a lot and yet still didn't finish anything.  Oh well.  I'm still happy with what I accomplished.  So where to begin.  I've already shown you the brown zipper quilt but let me post it again because I also managed to do the top for a Cancer themed one.

This is what it looks like done with the cancer awareness fabric.  I think I like this pattern since it is so versatile.  I still need to figure out how I want to quilt it.

This is a close up of one panel so that you can see some of the fabric.

As I was laying it out before I put the sashings in, I noticed that it didn't look bad at all just joining the columns together.  I might do that with some of the over cuts.

Not only did I get those done, I also managed to work a little more on the Rose of Sharon blocks.  Not much mind you but I did start to stitch them and managed to get the rest of them fused on.  I will have to remember to post that progress on their own page but for now here is what they look like.

I also added another row of my February Hexie BOM so am making progress on that.

This is what the February heart pattern looks like.

The March one is the shamrock and the April is a basket.  Slowly I am getting caught up on it.

How's that for progress!


esther said...

Your doing great!! I finished my hand embroidery , hand quilted , blue quilt last week. I have it posted on my timeline cover. And I am crocheting boot/slippers. I have two pair done and deliver and I have orders for five more pair. Working on them. I usually don't sell my work but some quilting Sisters kept after me till I said yes I will make them some. You keep up your good work. Love seeing what you do. <3

Marsha Clark said...

Wow, You go girl............... Pretty !!!