Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ancestry work tonight

Tonight I'm not working on my quilting but on my family tree.  I've joined in the hopes to get more information about my father's side of the family.  I'm going to start there and then go to my mom's side later.  It is somewhat aggravating since his parents came from Norway and there is the change in spelling of names etc. syndrome.  One record shows that Grandpa Bromeland was born in Sand, Norway.  That came from the Illinois, Deaths, Stillbirths Index from 1916-1947.  That is close to where I was told he grew up in so we'll see.  It was interesting to see some of the records.

I never knew that dad's sister's middle name was Henrietta.  Her full name was Rachel Henrietta Bromeland.  Aunt Rachel was a great crocheter.  I don't think there was anything that she couldn't duplicate.  I actually still have the ripple afghan that I got when I graduated high school in 1974.  She made an afghan for all of the family childrens when they graduated.  

I also found out that Grandma Bromeland, also born in Norway, full name was Anna Julia Bromeland.

It's interesting to see some of the stuff that is out there.  I didn't know that my Great Grandma Bromeland was Kathrina Peterson.  It will be interesting to dig deeper.  I found Grandpa Bromeland's naturalization card (and I'll print it out) as well as found that Grandma and Grandpa Bromeland are buried in a small town around 40 minutes from here.  Perhaps one day I'll go over to try and find the cemetery and see who else is there.

That's it for tonight's post.  Everybody have a great evening.

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Marsha Clark said...

That is a problem with all names. Misspelling's can be a pain. Older records............You will get use to it. Have Fun Exploring............. :)