Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I am trying to load a video that I took with my camera.  I can't tell if it will work until I publish it so forgive me if you can't see it.  I'll adjust it later.  Of course this means you might get a couple of emails from me.  Sorry.  I must say that I am quickly falling in love with my camera.  Still haven't found a "full" manual for it but they say there is one on the website.  I've just been too busy to get there so far.  

So to answer Billie's question.  Yes I love my camera.  One of the things that I love it the dpi.  It's 350.  I don't totally understand all that but I do understand that the higher the number the better the pix.  The higher resolution will  be good when taking pictures of the quilts.    It runs on 4 AA batteries.  My old camera ran on 2 and I love the feature of the running on batteries vs. recharging via a cord.  Sometimes you just don't have an outlet handy.

The camera has 20 megapixals.  My old camera had 8 or 12 (can't remember) so that is a big improvement also.  It takes panoramic shots and that feature is easy to do.  You just keep turning the camera until the bar on the view screen stops moving.  Then it will put all that you panned into one picture.

It has other features also but that is what I have discovered so far.  I hope that helps Billie.

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