Friday, June 27, 2014

Goodies Arrived!

My orders have started to come in.  Not for what I make but for what I bought.  LOL.  Let's see.  I finally ordered some Ratayne to try out.  Does anybody know if you can do this in the sink or a tub or have to take it to a laundry mat?

Here is some things that I ordered from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I thought that cute little blue bag might be useful to put some stuff in for give aways some time.  It's around a 7" x 10" size but everything you see in the picture (well quilting related anyway) fit in the bag with room to spare.  The fabric on the left is called burlap.  It's cotton so it doesn't feel like burlap but the line is called burlap and I thin it will be good to blend in with a lot of things.  Yes you see more Stonehenge in the picture.  What can I say...I love it.  I have some Stonehenge charm packs on order also that were on sale (with my Quilter's cash I got two Stonehenge charm packs for $16.18 (shipping included) so you see why I just HAD to get them...right?  The little thing that looks like a spool of thread is really a tape measure and then there is a Moda Charm Pack called Through the Winter Woods.  That might be used for a new tote for me along with the burlap.  It seems fitting since the pattern is from MSQC and uses 12  charms in it.

I ordered this morning from Bird Brain Designs also.  I am getting "Three Christmas Friends" pack.  It is under $30 for all the material, the Perle Cotton, and the pattern.  The pattern itself it normall $9-$10 so I thought in this case I'll just get the whole thing together.  I needed more Turkey Red Perle Cotton anyway.

I think it will be a very nice table runner or wall hanging and I can always separate the pattern into mini wall hangings so it won't be long before it pays for itself.

Speaking of table runners....I am having Custom Quilt Kits cut my material for me for one.  It will cost me $25 for the applique pieces (cut with fusible already on it) and the material for the top.  The binding and backing isn't included but I always wait to order that until I finish it,  Rose from Custom Quilt Kits just received in Edyta Sitar.  Want to see what the table runner should like similar to when finished?

It's called Spring Showers.  Eventually I will do a wall hanging and have Rose cut and fuse my pieces also.  It's worth the price for to her do it.  :)

Well that should be the end of my spending spree for quite some time.  I have enough projects in the planning, mid way planning and half way finished to keep me occupied for a long time.

This weekend my friend Janine is coming up to see me and I probably won't have enough energy to type up a blog post until she leaves.  I'll be sharing pictures as we go about town.  :)

Everybody have a great day.

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