Thursday, March 3, 2016

Feeling better and tons of embroidery floss

I am feeling a little better today, or rather tonight since I just started to feel better about 1 hour ago, but I did manage to get up to take my sister in law Bobbie out for her birthday, which was March 1st.

I took her to Ellington's  which in the Holmes Student Center.  Th eSchool of Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences' FCNS 320 students serve 3 course luncheons on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the spring semester.  I figured it was something that she wouldn't have been too yet and I was right.  It's nice to be able to sit at a table which is covered by linen tableclothes and napkins.  Today they had a three students from the School of Music play in the background which was also nice.

You can learn more about it here:

What did we have?  We had excellent food!


I had Kohlrabi Carrot Soup (Kohlrabi, Carrots, and Onions seasoned with salt, pepper, and parsley)
Bobbie had the Spring Harvest Salad (apples, blackberries, and feta cheesew ith a blackberry balsamic vinaigrette)


We both had Braised Short Ribs which were so tender we almost didn't need to use a knife on it.  It was served with Roasted Kohirabi and potatoes.


Bobbie had Blackberry Sorbet (fresh blackberries pureed and chilled topped with mint)
I had the Blackberry Cheesecake (vanilla wafer crust fillled with cheesecake batter and chunks of blackberries)

What they called a table item was a dinner roll (classic bread roll served with butter) which was served with dill butter.

We were so full by the end of the meal so we decided we had to go for a walk.  We walked to my  car and then drove over to Michael's and she helped me pick up my floss for the cross stitch project (Bookcase to Heaven).  I managed to get all but 4 skeins which is pretty good.

What have you done today?

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